2020 Freelance Writing Landscape Report


Position yourself for online writing success

You have just applied for another writing job and sigh as you click the “Submit” button. You may be thinking of giving up, but you know this isn’t all there is to a successful online writing career. After all, you’ve seen other online writers who seem to make a good living writing. You should be able to do this too.

The average online writer worldwide earns $21,000 per annum and you can do this too. 

A few important things you should know include

  • What writing skills, niches, and content types to focus on
  • How you can improve your skills
  • Industries and locations that hire writers the most

Given the time-consuming nature of writing, finding answers to these questions may be far down your list. This is why we decided to curate the answers.

We analyzed over 30,000 writing job listings and salaries on Glassdoor, Payscale, and LinkedIn and curated information on what clients and employers are currently looking for. We also reviewed the impact of COVID-19 on the freelance-writing industry.

This research has given us a perspective to recommend the best, relevant tips to position you for success as a writer in 2020 and post-COVID-19.

In this 2020 Freelance Writing Landscape Report, you’ll learn

  • The general state of the freelance-writing industry mid-COVID-19
  • Profitable writing niches and topics
  • Writing skills and content type to focus on
  • Writing job titles which attract clients
  • Tips to future-proof your writing and business

Who is this report for?

  • Anyone trying to find their place in the online writing space
  • Online writers ready to expand their reach and earnings
  • Experienced writers who keep up with waves and trends in the space
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2020 Freelance Writing Landscape Report

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